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Engage your organization, infrastructure and employees for more digital equity and less carbon

Turn IT into a solution for the planet


Establish an ideal action plan based on a maturity diagnosis

IT for Green

Use digital solutions to calculate your carbon footprint or engage your teams towards environmental and social goals

Green IT

A high-performance infrastructure, platforms and applications that are more profitable and, above all, less harmful to the environment


Lighten your platforms and applications at the source and bring meaning to your expert teams

Accessibility and inclusion

Reach a wider audience while respecting differences and legal obligations


Our services for digital responsibility

Consulting and awareness

Whether it's to convince top management or teams, you need to establish a direction and a plan for your actions in green IT.
Algorila works with you to prepare for change, establish where you are in your practices and prioritize the most effective actions.

Green IT

Your IT infrastructure deserves to be greener! Best practices are a starting point towards a greener IT infrastructure. Solutions exist to reduce the use of server and device resources, and improve the management of your web platforms.

IT for green

Algorila offers solutions to help you accelerate your environmental transition:

  • Carbon footprint
  • IT carbon assessment
  • Optimization of the equipment fleet
  • Employee engagement towards environmental and social objectives.

Eco-design of digital projects

Your application projects and your internal and external platforms can be accompanied at every stage to be more positive. Algorila will accompany you from strategy to hosting, including UX/UI and development. Beyond the positive impact on the planet, it's a way to unite teams and provide additional motivation.


Web accessibility is the equal of building accessibility. It is a necessity for all those who reach a large public. We help you, ideally in the upstream phases of your projects to train you in the rules to follow, until the testing phases, to check that these standards are applied. C'est une nécessité pour tous ceux qui touchent un public large. Nous vous aidons, idéalement dans les phases amont de vos projets pour vous former aux règles à suivre, jusqu'aux phases de tests afin de vérifier que ces normes sont appliquées.

Audit your digital platform for free

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