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Secure and sustainable digital platforms that bring in money

Transform your investment and build customer loyalty


Secure and sustainable digital platforms that bring in money


Reduce your environmental footprint, improve usability and make your users happy with your digital platforms.


Algorila continues to monitor your platform after the project

Digital Sobriety

Responsible growth through eco-design

Cyber security

Protect your customers or partners, your brand and your company to balance your increased visibility

Ecommerce website

Go beyond the boundaries of what you imagined


Our unique method that guarantees your success

Algorila's 4-step methodology allows you to appreciate our expertise in a progressive manner before optimizing or redesigning your platform


Our solution audits your platform and your digital footprint by collecting all publicly available information


our solution writes a report for you based on your footprint

In-depth audit

Based on one or more workshops with your teams, we establish a 360 view of your current platform and give you our recommendations


We work together to optimize or redesign your digital platform


Our services for digital platforms

Our experts are here to help you build your project:

  • search for partners and budget,
  • help in writing the functional and technical specifications,
  • architecture, development and testing tests

Your website deserves attention and investment. Whether it is to optimize it, redesign it or create it, our experts support you in all areas, from design and architecture, UX, UI and design and content. The goal is for this investment to be the most profitable and lightest for the planet!

Internal applications or open to your partners, web or mobile, we build together the digital services that look like you with the rules of eco-design. Areas: architecture, tree structure, visual identity and UI design, user experience and UX design, content, SEO and organic search, performance, security, carbon impact and accessibility.

Gain visibility and new customers through responsible digital design! Eco-design is perfectly aligned with the best UX practices. By lightening your platform, you gain in performance and you make the user experience more easy, the keys to greater satisfaction. Algorila trains and supports you in your eco-design process. Making your site accessible to all, also allows you to reach more users. Being inclusive is already differentiating yourself in a digital world that is still unequal.

In short, we help you to:


Strategy, partners, technologies, architecture, features


Institutional and e-commerce website, user interface design, user experience, content, SEO, eco-design, security

Design and realize

Web and mobile applications, architecture, design, user experience, eco-design, security


Training, consulting, support


Web and e-commerce platform

Audit your digital platform for free

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